The Joanna de Angelis Spiritist Society is an educational non-profit organization  whose primary objectives are the study,  the practice and  the dissemination the Spiritist Doctrine, as first codified by Allan Kardec. 

In studying the Spiritist Doctrine we address the fundamental questions of humanity such as what happens when we die, why we reincarnate, the existence of God, and many others. 


 "On quitting the body, the soul re-enters the world of spirits from which it came, and from which it will enter a new material existence after a longer or shorter lapse of time…” Allan Kardec – The Spirits’ Book.


Frequently asked questions :


·  What is Spiritism ?

·  What happens when we die ?

·  Does God exist?

·  Why am I suffering something that I do not deserve?


"On its re-entrance into the spirit world, the soul again finds there all those whom it has known upon the earth, and all its former existences eventually come back to its memory, with the remembrance of all the good and of all the evil which it has done in them.” Allan Kardec - The Spirits' Book.





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Joanna de Angelis Spiritist Society (JASS)
642 Quarry Road, Suite C
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