Who We Are

Joanna de Angelis Spiritist Society (JASS) is a non-profit organization that focuses on studying the Spiritist Doctrine, codified by Allan Kardec, and educate the local community on the Spiritist beliefs.  Since 1999, it has been an example of solidarity and brotherhood. Families and individuals who have needed help in the Bay Area, have found resources, spiritual support and hope for a better future. Our group has been an active contributer and volunteer for other Bay Area non-profit organizations, such as the Second Harvest Food Bank, City Team in San Jose and the Family Giving Tree.


We offer many activities for those who wish to learn more about the Spiritism Doctrine, accelerate personal growth or support the community.


JASS will be closed on July 5th and 6th due to the holiday.
JASS will be closed all Sundays on the month of July. JASS will continue with the regular hours on Mondays.



Come To Visit Us

Joanna de Angelis Spiritist Society (JASS)
642 Quarry Road, Suite C
San Carlos, CA 94070
United States